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HVAC Certification

HVAC Certification

HVAC Certification

HVAC Certification

Before jumping in, it is important to understand the various types of certifications you can achieve with your HVAC training and which is the best fit for you.

Type 1 Certification

With this certification, you will be able to work on various small appliances successfully. The training teaches you how to service domestic refrigerators, certain types of vending machines and air conditioning units.

Type 2 Certification

This particular hvac certification is important if the technician will be in charge of disposal. The high-pressure refrigerants contained in industrial refrigeration and oversized air conditioning units pose a safety hazard; this certification allows the tech to avert danger and dispose of these items properly.

Type 3 Certification

HVAC technicians who will be working with low-pressure refrigerants will need the HVAC type 3 certification.

EPA 608 Certification

Every technician who works with refrigerant containers must obtain this certification. However, it does not grant you permission to legally purchase the required equipment.

EPA Universal Certification

The EPA Universal Certification can open many additional doors for you. Once you have this, you are more prepared to begin your own operation or start sending out your resume to others, complete with the certification information about your EPA Universal stance.

NATE Certification

Those who have the North American Technician Excellence, or NATE certification have a greater say over their career options because of the prestige the certification holds. While there is not a requirement to obtain this certification, those who can pass the involved exam have proven that they understand nuances about their job and how to do things right the first time!