Do trade schools really help jumpstart your career?
May 5, 2014
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August 1, 2017

Trade Schools – Are They Worth It?

It’s a fair question: Do trade schools really help jump start your career? You may have heard stories of people who spent the time and money to attend a trade school only to graduate without many career opportunities. This is a valid concern for many individuals, so we thought we would discuss that topic in this week’s blog article.

Not all trade schools are created equal.

This is a very important thing to keep in mind when questioning the benefits of going to a trade school that: not all trade schools are created equal. Similar to how the quality of education varies between traditional universities, some trade schools help jump-start graduates’ careers more than others. Some important things to consider when researching trade schools include:

  • Accreditation – Is the school accredited by a reputable third party organization?
  • Programs offered – Do the types of programs offered actually prepare graduates for in-demand careers?
  • Career assistance – Does the school have a designated department committed to helping graduates find and apply for jobs upon program completion?

Remember that the quality of the trade school is directly related to how helpful your training will be in jumpstarting your career, so make sure you do some research.

The power of networking.

A good trade school fosters strong ties with local businesses in their community, and these professional relationships can be absolutely invaluable when it comes to jumpstarting your career after completing your studies. When a trade school has a reputation of producing quality entry-level employees, local businesses are more likely to hire graduates from that institution. The relationship the school has with local employers can be a huge help when it comes to jump-starting your career.

Career assistance.

As mentioned above, a key indicator of a good trade school is how much the institution helps graduates prepare for careers after program completion. This includes obvious things such as the technical skills needed to qualify for a position, but also the less obvious “soft skills” that help someone land a job. These soft skills include things like resume writing, interview techniques, on-the-job etiquette, and more. For someone who is new to the workforce these skills are often foreign, so attending a trade school that has a well-developed career center can be very beneficial when it comes to jump-starting your career.


Another way that trade schools can help jumpstart your career is with externships. An externship is when a student trains for a period of time in an off-site workplace. So for example, a student who is studying to become a medical assistant might secure an externship at a doctor’s office in order to gain real world experience. Externships are a great way to become familiarized with the professional environment you will one day enter and give you a feel for what to expect once you enter the workforce. On occasion, an externship site might hire the individual once they complete their studies. Externships are yet another way that trade schools can help jump start your career.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that trade schools can help jumpstart your career. Click below to find a trade school near you that will help jumpstart your career!