Best Online Criminal Justice Bachelor's Degree Programs in San Jose, CA

From homeland security to the security of our local neighborhoods, public safety is a top concern in today's society. Public safety professionals are essential to the well-being of our communities, our country and our world. These individuals have a passion for helping others and a desire to make their community a better, safer place. There are many career paths available for these dedicated individuals, but an education and a degree in Criminal Justice is the first step. At William Jessup University, the Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice can be earned entirely online or at our San Jose, California area campus.

Pursue your Criminal Justice Major Online at William Jessup University

A degree in Criminal Justice enables individuals to enhance the quality of life in their community, and have a career of which they can be proud. At William Jessup University, the Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice is an entirely online program, providing a flexible schedule for students who have demanding work schedules and/or family responsibilities. With this affordable, online Criminal Justice program, students can set their own study schedule and work at their own pace, yet still complete their degree in the same amount of time as students taking courses through traditional classroom-based programs.


At WJU, all courses are taught by experienced law enforcement professionals. Each course is seven weeks in length, and students may take up to two courses at a time. The program is completed in 49 units and culminates with a public policy internship. Additionally, students complete a capstone project, demonstrating their ability to apply the critical-thinking skills and concepts studied online to real-world scenarios. The capstone course provides an opportunity to integrate professional and biblical elements into a single project that contributes positively to the field of criminal justice. All courses in the program are taught with a focus on Christian ethics which prepares graduates for notable servant leadership in law enforcement and its supporting branches.

Top Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Program

The Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice program at WJU is centered on both theory and practice. Beginning with a broad liberal arts education, the program also incorporates professional skills training to develop in students a solid foundation of criminal justice knowledge. Furthermore, the these classes develop the research, analytical, and communications skills required for working in complex criminal justice occupations.

Courses begin with foundational concepts to create a solid framework onto which students can build. Beginning courses explain the philosophy and development of the U.S. criminal justice system, its agencies and institutions, and the issues and challenges it faces. Students continue with courses that teach the foundational concepts used in law enforcement - including criminal law and evidence, police operations, and the correctional system. Through the program, students will learn to understand the complex criminal justice system - from common, statutory, and constitutional law to the dynamics of law enforcement and the administration of justice. Further, students will learn applied research methods and the techniques used in the field.

At WJU, students have the opportunity to learn from a prestigious group of criminal justice professionals with expertise in policing, gangs, fraud, corrections, and courts. Courses such as Constitution and Civil Rights, Ethics in Public Policy, and Criminal Law prepare graduates to enter into a fulfilling position in the criminal justice system. Other graduates choose to build upon the strong intellectual base they develop at Jessup by pursuing advanced degrees in law, criminology and criminal justice.

Why Earn Your Bachelor's Degree Online at WJU Criminal Justice College?

The San Jose Criminal Justice program at WJU prepares and trains students for a wide range of career options, so graduates can find a job that fits their particular skill set and interests, as well as their salary expectations. Although police officers make up a large portion of criminal justice professionals, there are many other opportunities for which this degree will help you pursue a Criminal Justice career. Employment in the field is found at the local, county, state, and federal level and include areas such as private security, homeland security, corrections, law enforcement, legal services, and academia. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of 2016 there were approximately three million workers employed in this field.

Criminal Justice Careers

Professionals in the field of Criminal Justice are charged with keeping the community safe. Individuals that choose these careers have a passion for helping others, and a strong desire to make their community, and their world, a better place. Whether looking to keep the streets safe as a police officer, or the nation secure as a federal agent, the first step is a degree in Criminal Justice. With the Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Criminal Justice at William Jessup University, students can achieve their goals and earn a prestigious and rewarding career in law enforcement, administration and justice.