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Our Baton Rouge Criminal Justice program provides you with the skills necessary to make insightful decisions in the field and prepare you to join other admirable public servants in your community. With active law enforcement officers and attorneys teaching many of our courses?you will receive the foundation you need coupled with real world experience from the field.

Find out how you can Accomplish your Goals,

With an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice.

If you have a passion for helping others and a desire to make your community a better, safer place, then a degree in Criminal Justice might be the right choice for you! The Associate of Science Degree in Criminal Justice is designed to thoroughly prepare students for careers in Law Enforcement and the Criminal Justice field.

The Criminal Justice program is designed to develop the research, analytical, and communication skills required for working in complex criminal justice occupations. Students build a solid framework of knowledge by beginning with courses which explain the philosophy and development of the U.S. criminal justice system, its agencies and institutions, and the issues and challenges it faces. Students learn foundational concepts used in law enforcement – including criminal law and evidence, police operations, and the correctional system. Students learn to understand the complex criminal justice system – from common, statutory, and constitutional law to the dynamics of law enforcement and the administration of justice, and learn to apply research methods and the techniques used in the field.

If you have a passion for helping others, and a strong desire to make your community, and the world, a better place, then consider a degree in Criminal Justice. Whether you keep the streets safe as a police officer, or the nation secure as a federal agent, your first step is a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Get started today!

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